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The Regulation Matters Campaign is delighted to enjoy the support of overseas likeminded associations, working to achieve the same high standards within their individual country’s nanny / homechildcare sector and we thank them sincerely for their support and for the opportunities working with them provides us, for example,  the exchange of views and the sharing of relevant guidance. 


We hope to be adding to our International Support in due course.

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The Indian Nanny Association

Our aim is to be the number one reference in India for in-home childcare by providing information, guidance and education to our members. The establishment of our organization was absolutely essential to regulate the field of domestic employment and give support to nannies and families. Due to increasing demand for in-home childcare we would like to: unite nannies and families; create a stronger community; raise awareness of nannying as a profession; and increase recognition of and support for nannies in the workplace. We want to increase nannies’ professional standards by offering courses in continuing professional development and to help families with the necessary administrative tasks related to employing a home-based childcare professional.


US Nanny Association

Every Nanny and every Family is unique and the path to success can be challenging. Nannies may not have co-workers who can provide guidance and families can't use a standard job description. Each step is customized with families and nannies relying on their peers, resources, and past experiences. The US Nanny Association helps families, nannies and most importantly, children. We strive to advance nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with resources, events, partnerships, professional development, networking opportunities, and nationally recognized standards and credentials.

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