Our Mission Statement

The Regulation Matters Campaign (RM) calls for the registration of all childcarers working in the UK, so that nannies and other homechildcarers are brought under the same regulatory umbrella and held to the registration standards currently required of childminders in order to safeguard children, improve childcare standards, and create consistency in the childcare industry.

We seek to achieve recognition for the valuable service provided by all homechildcarers by:

  • Lobbying the UK Government to include nannies, maternity nurses and doulas with childminders in the requirements for registration and regulation, under the general umbrella of ‘home childcare’

  • Encourage parents/employers to employ only those homechildcarers who are professionally trained, insured, registered, and inspected

  • Making it socially unacceptable to place young children in the hands of unregistered childcarers. 



To progress our campaign for higher standards and uniform registration and regulation to include nannies, RM has the following key objectives:

  • Safeguarding measures in place supported by legislation to remove from ALL childcare and early years sectors, those found to be unsuitable

  • Safeguarding of ALL children, ensuring that every child is cared for safely and professionally by committed, well trained practitioners

  • Aiming to have all ‘homechildcarers’ in the UK working to and measured by a recognised set of 'Core Professional Standards'.

The Regulation Matters Campaign (RM) calls for the regulation of all nanny agencies operating in the UK, so that there is a consistency of standards across the sector. 


RM recognises the commitment to providing high levels of professional excellence and high standards demonstrated by the majority of nanny agencies but regret such high standards are not provided by all nanny agencies and,  while this situation remains, parents are misled and nannies and the children they care for are potentially put at risk.  


We seek to promote the highest standards within the nanny agency sector and, assisted by our nanny agency expert supporters, aim to produce a set of minimum standards for nanny agencies to work within.

Our goal is clear: to promote quality in early years care for the benefit of children and their families.