Our Objectives

Current Objectives

Working closely with supporters, exchanging ideas, and growing our supporter base

Advocating on behalf of nannies and the families they work with on matters that are important to them 

Supporting research to help inform and shape our work

RM will focus on working with government and government departments, to advise on issues such as fair employment, registration, and regulation. We seek to ensure that the promotion of the nanny sector is understood and valued by fellow professionals in childcare and early years so that nannies are no longer the invisible professionals

We will seize the opportunity to support, educate and inform governments and society as a whole about the value of home childcare and advocate for a sustainable future. 

Overall Objectives

We will use our voice to raise the profile of the Nanny role in achieving high quality childcare enabling parents to return to work making their contribution to local economies

We will seek collaborators who share our aims and core values to achieve our goals and aspirations

Research & Knowledge Exchange

We will harness the wealth of experience and knowledge of our supporters to ensure on-going progress of our development and growth

We will work as one to drive and advocate for high standards

We will encourage supporters to work together to achieve greater synergy and success through collaboration