Associated Organisations Sub-Group News

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

RM has a small number of Management Sub-Groups. These sub-groups have been formed to further our campaign and, in the absence of registration and regulation, to develop a self-regulatory framework for all practitioners and nanny agencies to work within.

Here we introduce you to our Associated Organisations Sub-Group Chair

Naina Zavery

Naina is Owner / Director of Education Welfare Services Midlands (EWSM)

Naina previously lived in Boston, USA where she worked with Young Offenders setting up Inter-State groups from Boston, New York, and Washington to support Young Offenders to achieve a sense of normality in their complex lives and to see a future through education.

On returning from the USA she continued to work with young people and is now a fully qualified Senior Education Welfare Officer and the only Qualified Persistent Absence EWO in her County.

She has worked in a number of different schools throughout the Midlands and has assisted a number of campaigns.

The Associated Organisations Sub-Group in its first strand of work will look at how best to raise the profile of the campaign to further capitalise on our successes to date and to assist us in raising the profile of nannies ensuring that they are “no longer the invisible professionals”.

You can contact Naina:

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The Associated Organisations Sub-Group comprises: Education Welfare Services Midlands, First Aid for Life, Payroll for Nannies, and Safe Circle Sitters.