HELP NEEDED: Support The Children's Society and Vulnerable Children

Dear BAPN, I’m writing because thousands of vulnerable children who were already struggling have been plunged into desperation and danger by the Coronavirus crisis. 

This unprecedented government lockdown has trapped vulnerable children at home. They're hidden from view and without the vital support they need.

I've heard from our staff that there are children facing increased danger of abuse and neglect. They're all alone, trying to cope with their worries, fears and worsening mental health.

Our incredible front-line staff are delivering vital care packages and providing urgent advice and support to children that can literally save their lives. And that’s why I’m appealing to you now from the bottom of my heart to help us.


Becky, from our front-line team, told me 'When a child is in imminent danger we arrange an emergency response. We’re the only workers doing this for some young people'. 

Thousands of our country’s vulnerable children are at risk of losing their only lifeline if we cannot continue to help them in their time of crisis. But we’ve had to close our shops and stop all our fundraising events, leaving a huge hole in our finances.  

I need your urgent support and generosity right now. Please donate to our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal to ensure we can be there for the children who need us the most, so that they don’t have to face this crisis alone.  

DONATE NOW TO OUR URGENT APPEAL I know people’s situations have changed, but I’m really hoping you’ll feel able to give as much as you can today. Please take care, and I hope you and those you love stay safe in these anxious times. 

Thank you for standing with us, we really can’t do this without you.

Mark Russell   Chief Executive If you have immediate concerns for the safety of yourself or others call 999. If you think a child, young person or adult with care and support needs is at risk, being abused or neglected, contact the social care team at their local council. If you are a child and you need help, call Childline on 0800 11 11. If you have a safeguarding enquiry for The Children’s Society contact