Nanny Training & Further Training Sub-Group News

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

RM has a small number of Management Sub-Groups. These sub-groups have been formed to further our campaign and, in the absence of registration and regulation, to develop a self-regulatory framework for all practitioners and nanny agencies to work within.

Here we introduce you to our Nanny Training & Further Training Sub-Group Chair

Fay Gibbin

Fay is Chief Executive Officer, Avail Learning Academy. Fay's passion for quality, accessible training has driven her ambition to develop the UK's workforce, through the delivery of apprenticeships and CPD, especially within childcare, care, and clinical care.

The Training & Further Training Sub-Group in its first strand of work will look at the possibilities for the creation of quality, flexible and cost-effective e-learning solutions to aid the development of a motivated and highly-skilled nanny sector.

You can contact Fay:

Our Nanny Training & Further Training Sub-Group comprises: Avail Learning Academy, Cache, LMC Childcare Solutions, and Laser Learning.