Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity to run through everything we do and everything we produce

When Tricia Pritchard, Chair of RM approached me and asked me to get involved in the campaign, I didn’t have to think twice. I’ve known Tricia for many years and I’m aware of her professional integrity and so I thought to myself, if Tricia’s involved then it’s something I should be involved in too. However, my background is in education, so I needed to do my research, find out about the nanny world and boy was I shocked!

A bit about me

I am a great advocate of Education and previously lived in Boston, USA where I worked with young offenders setting up Inter-State groups from Boston, New York, and Washington to support young offenders to achieve a sense of normality in their complex lives and to see a future through education.

On returning from the USA I continued to work with young people and am now a fully qualified Senior Education Welfare Officer. My specialist area of expertise is equality & diversity and dealing with discrimination, disadvantage, and unfairness whenever and wherever it appears.

What I bring to RM

The campaign concentrates on three areas: Nannies; Nanny Agencies, and Training. It has set up sub-groups with responsibility for each area, tasked with formulating

  • codes of best practice

  • minimum standards

  • accessible, affordable, flexible training

  • quality markers

  • inspection measures, and

  • accountability.

I chair a fourth sub-group ‘Associated Organisations’, tasked with pulling all workstreams together, ensuring that the final ‘Nanny Registration and the Regulation of Nanny Agencies Self-Regulatory Framework’ produced by the campaign and presented to government, is consistent throughout, that it represents the high standards set by the campaign, and also has Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity integral throughout.

All strands of the campaign’s work must have regard for safeguarding policies and processes. Nannies become an important part of the lives of their charges. Over time they build up a strong, trusting relationship with the children and families they work with and play a key role in providing support. Like anyone who works with children, nannies have a responsibility to promote children’s wellbeing. It’s important they are able to recognise and respond appropriately to any concerns and help keep children safe.

The RM campaign will look at what policies and procedures a nanny should have in place when working with the family and these will look at how to recognise child protection concerns, what to do if they are worried about a child, and how to respond if a child tells them they are experiencing abuse. These policies and processes are embedded in the education system and yet woefully missing in much of the nanny sector.

The campaign for registration and regulation is also about promoting equality of opportunity and ensuring everybody has an equal chance to take up opportunities and also to make full use of the opportunities on offer and to fulfill their potential. Regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation, every nanny should enjoy an equal chance to be seen as a professional in their own right, to up-skill or learn something new, making them the best nanny they can be.

The RM campaign is about recognising, valuing, and taking account of people's different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences, and encouraging and using those differences to create a professional, respected workforce. Along with my colleagues in the sub-group I chair, I will do all I can to assist RM meet and surpass its ambitions.

Naina Zavery, Chair

Associated Organisation Sub-Group

Regulation Matters Campaign