No to a Nanny Pay Scale

Why the Regulation Matters Campaign will not be proposing the introduction of a Nanny Pay Scale

The Regulation Matters Campaign is not and will not be arguing for the introduction of a nanny pay scale.

That’s not to say we don’t believe nannies should be paid fairly and the salary should reflect the responsibilities of the job, of course, it should. However, if you impose a pay scale you actually create a barrier for career progression, and this has been proven time and again in other industries. In fact, to suggest a pay scale now at a time when many industries are actively moving away from a pay scale model of reward wouldn’t make sense.

The logic behind a pay scale is simple - it allows an employer to assign a pay rate or pay range to a job role. Remember, pay scales are designed for employers to implement – that’s important.

They can use this pay system to reward high levels of performance and they can adapt pay rates to job roles to mirror the local job market and they can offer pay progression through a pay range to reward long service or new skills that an employee has attained in the year. So, immediately you can see, you may have a pay scale, but where a nanny could end up on the scale will potentially vary considerably from employer to employer. Therefore, if your aim for introducing a pay scale is to create transparency and equity you’re not going to achieve this. Quite the opposite in fact.

If you take a look at the types of pay scales, for the most part, pay systems have been defined by two types:

  • A basic pay system where pay does not vary in relation to performance or length of employment. Providing you don't do anything wrong, you merely go up an increment each year.

  • An incentivised system where pay is used in relation to results and performance and this includes the acquisition of new skills.

Whichever model of pay scales you look at, there is a pay ceiling, a level at which when you reach it there’s nowhere else to go. No matter how hard you work, how much further training you embark upon, if you’ve reached the ceiling you will not receive further financial reward, frustration is likely to set in and so we lose top performers to other sectors.

By introducing pay scales nannies lose the right to negotiate their own worth and the nannies we’ve canvassed have all said they’d not want this to happen.

We will only fight for what nannies tell us they want – not for what we believe they want!