What we do

The Regulation Matters Campaign is committed to raising the professional profile of Nannies.

RM is driven by a vision of a highly regarded Nanny workforce, in which all Nannies have access to high quality training, career development and fair employment practices.

RM’s mission is to advance learning and employment outcomes for Nannies by improving the image of Nannies, gaining professional respect while providing safe, reliable, and accurate childcare services to working families.

RM strive to advance nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with resources, events, partnerships, professional development, networking opportunities, and nationally recognised standards.  

RM seeks to promote inclusiveness and diversity within the Nanny workforce.

RM seeks to strengthen the skills of Nannies by advancing their knowledge of child development, child safety, work habits, leadership, accountability, and other skills necessary for successful employment in the childcare industry.  To amplify employer and family knowledge of childcare work standards and strengthen communication between families and nannies.

Business Meeting

Lobbying is also a part of RM’s role.  We will engage in talks with political representatives and key stakeholders.  We want to see Nannies respected in much the same way as childminders, teachers, nurses, and social care workers – taking care of children deserves higher levels of respect than it currently has. 

RM would like to see quality accredited childcare training delivered by reputable, established training providers.   By collaborating as we do with all interested parties, consistency in levels of training with transferability is a key objective.